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So you’re extremely happy with your new iPhone 3GS, and are actively searching for means and ways to enhance your iPhone experience regardless of where you are. Newton Peripherals could have the answer, where they will lend their expertise in integrated mobile peripherals to come up with the new MoGo Talk for the iPhone. Just in case you were wondering what a contraption known as MoGo Talk for iPhone is, this is touted to be the first ultra-thin integrated Bluetooth headset in the world, measuring no thicker than 5mm while being stored on the back of your iPhone. In addition, it will also have its batteries charged up in the process, giving users the convenience of a charged headset at all times. This has led me to think though, won’t charging the MoGo Talk sip even more juice from your iPhone’s battery, which leaves you with less battery than before to carry out conversations? Well, at least we do know the MoGo Talk’s minimalist design will allow one to fold the headset flat easily, snapping it in and out of its protective case in a jiffy.

So the yearly cycle continues, with yet another iPod being updated this time round. Apple’s event at San Francisco saw the appearance of Steve Jobs to the masses, and it goes without saying the man had a hand in unveiling the latest iPod nano to the crowds, now in its fifth iteration. What makes the iPod nano so special this time round? Well, Apple has decided to throw in a video camera, a microphone and a speaker to what is already deemed as the most popular portable media player in the world, allowing music aficionados to shoot short video clips (limited by its memory, of course) regardless of where they are. These video clips can then be viewed over the computer after performing a quick and painless transfer, and further uploaded onto YouTube if you’re so inclined.

iPhone Steering Wheel: MarioKart Never Had it so Good

ip-sws_270x269Even though the included steering wheel for MarioKart was just a cheap piece of plastic, it pales in comparison to this racing wheel for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Digital Steering Wheel from CTA comes comes with grip with a bigger radius, not to mention a suction cup mount that adheres to any flat surface. The angle which the user wants to play is also adjustable.

It works for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. It comes with about 4 “mounts” that the user has to insert their particular Apple device in, and then snap it in to the center of the wheel. I have included a video that you can see after the jump if you want more info.

ProClip USA offers bunch of device holders


ProClip USA has recently announced a bunch of device holders which were specially designed to securely mount the recently released iPhone 3G S to car, truck and SUV dashboards alongside consoles. These were specially custom made to connect to vehicle-specific ProClip dashboard mounts, giving superior viewing and easier access. Of course, you can always attach the ProClip holders to other flat surfaces. Below are the new products available for your perusal

The iPhone 3GS was just unveiled by Apple last week at WWDC in San Francisco, and while it did not set the world alight like the original iPhone did a couple of years ago, we’re pretty sure that it is going to do pretty well on the sales front simply because it is an iPhone and bears the famous Apple trademark, being simple and intuitive to use in addition to its versatility compared to other more business-oriented smartphones. Well, one of the major drawbacks would be having to consign oneself to a 2-year contract if you want to get the iPhone 3GS for a cheap price, otherwise an unlocked unit will burn quite a big hole in your pocket. There is a method to circumvent this, however, with a new SIM card that will make unlocking the latest iPhone 3GS handsets a snap in a much simpler process than ever before.

Automotive Gadgets


If you have a gadget you rely heavily on that requires AA batteries, you might invest in this battery charger. It’s always nice to have a battery charger at home, but if you’re outside of the house when your gadget dies, that won’t help you. Usually that leaves you stuck buying new batteries, well instead of doing that you can charge up your batteries within your car.


Most of us have had the joy of dealing with a dead battery in our car and somehow it always seems to happen under the worst of conditions. You know the ones, dark and either snowing or raining. It being dark is definitely a requirement though. Well with these jumper cables you won’t have quite so much difficulty managing to charge your battery in the dark. These cables might look a touch alien, but they’ll still do the trick.

halycon-concept_pezqg_5965Picture the first cars that were ever assembled, such as the Model T and what not. They look very different than the cars than the cars of today, right? I suppose that automobile design has a certain (for lack of a better word) evolution to it.

So let’s hit the fast forward button to see what the shape of cars will be in the future. I’m not certain what you were thinking, but I never would have come up with this. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that designer Ralph Tayler-Webb’s Halcyon car is ugly, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t have gone with such an indescribable, almost amorphous, shape.

Coolest Gadgets

“You hear that, Mr. Anderson, that is the sound of inevitability. That is the sound of a

stolen gadget.”

“My name is Nio.”

Not the first time that I have used dialogue from The Matrix to introduce a new prod

uct. This seems to happen every time I report on a product with a name that

sounds like “NEO“. Today it is the Nio security system.

The Nio is a very simple concept.

It uses “tags” that are synced via Bluetooth to a mobile device. These tags can be placed on briefcases, expensive gadgets, or anything else that you don’t want to let out of your sight. There’s a video of it after the jump.


Growing up a fan of Dick Tracy, I longed to have Dick’s cool watch radio phone which enabled him to communicate with headquarters. But in reality, the deployment of such a device has been left “wanting,” mostly do to reception problems due to analog cell systems. But with the advent of digital carriers and broadband highspeed wireless internet, the promise is now hopeful for not only improved cellular audio capability, but video capability as well. And that means, a video watchphone is now a reality. Well, I’m excited.

A video watch phone is definitely cool. But will it work?

A video watch phone is definitely cool. But will it work?

In addition to being able to make standard and video calls, the GD910 can also make text messages and goes completely wireless with a bluetooth headset so the user doesn’t have to scream to talk. The GD910 also sends email and has voice commands to access it’s features. And there’s even a cool, stereo mp3 player. Oh, and it’s a watch, too. Fancy that.

The LG GD910 Watchphone, will be available August 27th in limited quantities from Orange in the UK, but it won’t be cheap. It’ll cost about $1,000 US, and that doesn’t include a monthly contract fee, details of which have yet to be announced. But you can bet that with bandwidth for video and punitive fees for going past arbitrarily small data caps, that this technology may be priced right out of existence to anyone but business and government personnel.

ipod your life

Home. Work. And anyplace in between. Your iPod syncs easily with your life.

Nike+ on iPod touch and iPod nano.

On your run and in the gym.

Your iPod nano or iPod touch is your running partner, along with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit or Sensor and a pair of Nike+ shoes. With the sensor in your shoe, your iPod gives you feedback while it records your run. When you’re done, sync your iPod with and you’ll see how fast you’ve run and how far you’ve come.

iPod is also your personal trainer at the gym. Just connect your iPod nano or iPod touch to any Nike + iPod compatible cardio equipment, and it records your workout and charges your iPod while your music and video keep you pumping.

iPod Car Integration.

On the road.

Let your iPod drive your car’s sound system. Listen to and control your iPod in your car just as you would a CD. The factory stereos in most new vehicles have an MP3 input jack. Just connect your iPod and suddenly your cabin is filled with whatever is playing on your iPod.

iPod Accessories.

On the go.

There are thousands of brilliant third-party products made especially for your iPod. Products such as clock radios, pro-quality headphones, and a full range of speaker systems for home, work, and travel. Your iPod can be with you while you wake up, when you take off, and wherever you end up.


Gamers rejoice.

The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M brings amazing graphics performance to MacBook, so you can enjoy your favorite 3D games — from Spore to Call of Duty — with fast, seamless gameplay. Graphics-intensive features in iPhoto and iMovie are smooth and responsive. Movies and video offer rich colors and fine details. NVIDIA performance even makes a difference as you flip through your music library with Cover Flow or use Dashboard.

500GB Storage

The storage you want. The memory you need.

Music, photos, and movies — not to mention your documents and other files — start adding up. So MacBook offers plenty of storage space. It includes a larger 160GB hard drive with options up to a voluminous 500GB.1 And it comes standard with 2GB of memory (with support for up to 4GB), so you can run multiple applications smoothly and efficiently.

Intel Core 2 Duo

Power under the hood.

Inside the MacBook is a powerful 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor based on advanced Core microarchitecture. MacBook provides a fast 1066MHz frontside bus and 3MB of shared L2 cache, so you’ll have more than enough horsepower to get the job done.

802.11n Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi that takes you anywhere.
No matter where.

Built-in 802.11n wireless capabilities2 mean you can connect at work-friendly speeds wherever you are. Wi-Fi networks show up right on your desktop. Just click and connect, and you can surf the web, send email, video chat, and more.3 Use Bonjour to easily share files with other users on the network. And stay in sync with your Bluetooth-enabled phone courtesy of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

MacBook ports

Ports with possibilities.

MacBook offers plenty of advanced digital connections for your iPhone, iPod, camera, and other devices. Use the mini-DVI port to extend your MacBook desktop by connecting an external display. Or connect a projector to show your work on the big screen. But why stop there? MacBook also includes two USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire 400 port, Gigabit Ethernet, audio input and headphone jacks, and a convenient lock slot.

MacBook SuperDrive

Burn CDs and DVDs.

MacBook comes standard with a SuperDrive. What makes it super? You can burn your own CDs or DVDs to back up data, create your own music mixes, or, using the included iDVD software, burn Hollywood-caliber iMovie creations and watch them on a DVD player.

Silver Cyber-shot® H10 Digital Camera

Sony-Europe plans to launch the innovative Cyber-shot H10 Digital Camera for sale Nationwide. The powerful camera integrates Sony's advanced Technology in unique style. The compact camera boasts 8.1 Mega-pixels of picture strength, large 3.0-inch (230k dot) Clear Photo LCD plus screen and a High power 10x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens.

The pocket sized camera offers enhanced Face Detection and identifies up to eight faces for prefect exposure. Its Dual Anti-blur system with Super SteadyShot and High photo sensitivity of ISO 3200 fights distortion to click sharper images in challenging situations. Other functions include advanced Sports mode, D-Range Optimiser (DRO), in-camera editing, red-eye reduction, HDTV compatibility, easier transfers to PC and much more.

The Sony Cyber-shot H10 digital camera will hit the streets of Europe at the end of March 2008.Sony DSC-H10 price & availability
For fun playback of family photos, the unit’s built-in slideshow function helps create slideshows set to your favorite music choices. Up to eight songs can be uploaded via the camera’s USB port. To view your favorite images and slideshows just like you view your favorite TV shows - in full 1080 high definition resolution - you can connect the camera to a compatible HDTV set. The Sony CyberShot DSC-H10 digital camera will ship in May for about $300. Additional accessories will include wide and telephoto conversion lenses, filters, batteries, travel chargers, sports packs and cases.
Sony CyberShot DSC-H10 Digital Camera
The Sony DSC-H10 camera incorporates Sony’s D-Range Optimizer (DRO) to help you capture balanced images when shooting in high-contrast or backlit scenes. DRO modifies the range from highlights to shadows through its in-camera hardware processing - ultimately producing more natural, evenly exposed images. The Sony Cyber-Shot H10 also has helpful functions to manually correct images immediately after capturing them, including in-camera red-eye correction and photo retouching.

Digital cameras

Latest digital camera reviews and advice

Remember when it was common to drop $500 to $700 on a nice digital point-and-shoot? These days, with the same money, you can pick up a digital SLR camera. These aren't professional models or the very best that current technology has to offer, but for the photo enthusiast on a budget--or even the avid family photographer--they can be a big leap forward. With larger sensors and generally faster performance than snapshot models offer, these cameras provide plenty of tools to photographers who prefer a camera with more than one button. And if you save your pennies, you can increase their flexibility and image quality in the future with additional lens and accessory purchases.

Cyber-shot® HX1 Digital Camera

Introducing the world's first digital still camera with Sweep Panorama mode. You can also shoot at an amazing 10 frames per second and capture crisp details in low light with 9.1-megapixel resolution.

Drone Technology on planet

The UAV control room at the US Department of Homeland Security illustrates the ability to control the aircraft remotely.

In 1984, Skynet, the super com puter that rules a future Earth, sent a cyborg assas sin, a “ter mi na tor,” back to our time. His job was to liq ui date the woman who would give birth to John Con nor, the leader of the under ground human resis tance of Skynet’s time. You with me so far? That, of course, was the plot of the first Ter­mi na tor movie and for the multi-millions who saw it, the images of future machine war — of hunter-killer drones fly ing above a wasted land scape — are unfor get table.
Hunter-killer drones armed with Hell fire mis siles are patrolling the Pentagon’s expand ing global bat tle fields: It’s a scene right out of Ter mi na tor.

High-tech drone technology

It's nothing short of an electronic miracle: a micro-aircraft – or micro aerial vehicle (MAV) – that flies autonomously, aided by satellite support. Developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Braunschweig and marketed by Bremen-based Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH via the spin-off company Mavionics GmbH of Braunschweig, the re-useable micro-drone Carolo P50 is so compact that fits into a special backpack. During flight trials at Meppen near the German-Dutch border, it has since been successfully demonstrated to representatives of Germany's Bundeswehr and Federal Agency for Defence Technology and Procurement.

Custom Touch Solutions for Handheld and Mobile Devices

weunderstand there are unique requirements for handheld and mobile devices designed for specific markets, based upon our experience developing products for many industries such as medical, entertainment, communications and retail. To meet your specific device requirements, we offer a wealth of options to deliver a custom design for your project, reducing time to market without sacrificing quality:

  • An R&D and pilot production line
  • Different sizes and configurations
  • Custom finishes and enclosures
  • Sealing and shielding
  • Special cabling
  • In-house prototyping
  • Proof-of-concept models
  • Compliance engineering and testing
  • Complete line of controllers and firmwareLicensing and customization options are available in the following platforms:

Enjoy the touch world

iTunes mobile store

Get music recommendations.

A Genius playlist on iPhone.

Say you’re listening to a song and you want to hear other tracks like it. The Genius feature finds songs that go great together and makes a Genius Playlist for you. You can even generate a Genius playlist from Voice Control. Just ask iPhone to “play more songs like this.”iPhone playing the movie The Duchess.

Buy music and video.

Shop the iTunes Store right on iPhone and choose from millions of songs you can download via Wi-Fi or your cellular network. Even download movies and TV shows.*

Watch in widescreen.

Watch video on the 3.5-inch widescreen display. Just tap to bring up video controls whenever you need them.

Touch your music.

Flick to scroll through songs, artists, albums, and playlists. Flick through music by album artwork with Cover Flow. Shake iPhone to shuffle songs. And don’t worry about missing a call. The music pauses when iPhone rings, and a pinch of your headset microphone answers the call.

i Phone 3Gs

It’s a phone, an iPod, and an Internet device in one. It gives you access to thousands of applications. And it’s built on technology that’s years ahead of its time.
Discover apps from the App Store that help you do more with iPhone. From games to business to health and fitness, there’s an app for that.
MobileMe gives you push email, contacts, and calendar. Lose your iPhone? MobileMe can help you find it and protect your privacy with Find My iPhone.
palm preCloak and daggers are standard practice when it come to new product releases, and the the Palm Pre is no exception. We know that O2 have the exclusive rights, and have done for a while, but the release date has been harder to track down.

Well, finally we know that it will be here in time for Christmas, but this is as much information as we have completely confirmed. Rumours have circulated that the shelf date will actually be October 30th and no doubt everyone in the industry will be keeping a close eye on this.

These rumours have apparently come from O2 themselves, specifically from managers who have been informed of the release date, and if true can be taken as gospel. Don’t worry, all you clue hunters and ‘Where’s Wally’ fans can have some fun hunting down the price which has still to be set in stone. No doubt it will be similar to that of their major smartphone contender the iPhone 3GS, with similarly ranged tariffs on top of that.

So now O2 have exclusivity deals on this years top two smartphones making them the biggest player in the mobile phone. On a similar topic, we have also heard on the grapevine that O2’s iPhone exclusivity deal could possibly run out in September. Just bought a 3GS? Then you could be stuck on their tariff whilst discounts are to be had on other networks in the future.

Best Blu-Ray Player Guide

Are you stuck in the movie medieval days with your DVD player? If your love film and want to experience movies as they were intended then the Blu-ray is a must have! Finding the best Blu-ray player can be an uphill struggle, afterall the market is saturated with a few duds. That’s why our best Blu-ray guide is a must have.

Don’y buy the wrong one, or pay over the odds.Sony BDP-S350

Muvi Micro Camcorder

Small is usually better, in the gadget world anyway, and thankfully that logic has been applied to the Muvi Micro Camcorder. Not only is it smaller than traditional camcorders, but it’s the smallest in the world at only 5.5cm x 2cm x 2cm.

Ah-ha, you’re saying, but I bet the video quality is pretty useless. Nope, the Muvi Micro is actually pretty accomplished on this front. It records in VGA quality (640×480) equivalent to the best selling (and comparatively enormous) Mino and Ultra by Flip. Incredible! Videos are stored on the included 2GB Micro SD card, but for those

Muvi Micro 2

of you who prefer real epics the Muvi can handle cards up to 8GB.

The Muvi Micro Camcorder comes with a special VOX mode that lets you start and stop recording with the sound of your voice which is perfect for moments when your hands are occupied (don’t be getting any ideas webcam fans). Coincidently, the Muvi Micro can also be used as a webcam apparently.

Nokia Working On Infinite Cellphone Battery

Who hasn't missed an important call or woke up at the wrong time because you forgot to charge your cellphone over night? Well, Nokia hopes to make that a thing of the past by developing a technology that would use ambient radio radiation to perpetually charge a phone's battery.

According to a report by Technology Review, the Nokia Research Center (NRC) has already developed a prototype that converts radio waves into electrical energy. RFID tags and crystal radios work on a similar principle, but the Nokia team hopes to develop a wave catcher 10 times more power than the current technology.

The NRC team aims to develop a power harvester that could store up 50 milliwatts of energy, up from the prototype's five milliwatt capacity. The article mentions that 50 milliwatts opens up a range of electronic devices to a life without a plug, as most MP3 players only use 100 milliwatts to operate.

Of course, the technology faces serious technical challenges relating to the efficiency of the harvester, but one of the NRC researchers says that this technology could be ready in three or four years. That lead should give us all plenty of time to come up with new excuses for not answering our phone, as "it was out of juice" clearly won't cut it anymore.