palm preCloak and daggers are standard practice when it come to new product releases, and the the Palm Pre is no exception. We know that O2 have the exclusive rights, and have done for a while, but the release date has been harder to track down.

Well, finally we know that it will be here in time for Christmas, but this is as much information as we have completely confirmed. Rumours have circulated that the shelf date will actually be October 30th and no doubt everyone in the industry will be keeping a close eye on this.

These rumours have apparently come from O2 themselves, specifically from managers who have been informed of the release date, and if true can be taken as gospel. Don’t worry, all you clue hunters and ‘Where’s Wally’ fans can have some fun hunting down the price which has still to be set in stone. No doubt it will be similar to that of their major smartphone contender the iPhone 3GS, with similarly ranged tariffs on top of that.

So now O2 have exclusivity deals on this years top two smartphones making them the biggest player in the mobile phone. On a similar topic, we have also heard on the grapevine that O2’s iPhone exclusivity deal could possibly run out in September. Just bought a 3GS? Then you could be stuck on their tariff whilst discounts are to be had on other networks in the future.

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