Futuristic Technology Designed by a Pakistani, inspired from a hollywood movie

Inspired from the Steven Spielberg  film  "Minority Report", A pakistani young entrepreneur design the futuristic technology. 
A scene from film Minority Report

In 2002, famous director Steven Spielberg directed a Sci-fi movie named "Minority Report",The overall theme of movie was to able to protecting citizens by preventing crime before he/she commit the crime.
While watching the film, inventor Farhan Masood realized he could design the futuristic technology. And he went on to create a successful multi-national company called SoloMetrics.

Farhan Masood
Masood, an engineer whose work was recognized by the MIT Enterprise Forum in 2012, is known as the originator of the Arabic, Urdu and Persian languages on the Internet.

Now SoloMetrics is partnering with Mace(R) brand to provide innovative technology and services that produce the next generation of safety and security products. The joint venture, named SoloMace, will significantly enhance the Mace(R) brand line of personal defense products and increase its range of law enforcement products.
"This partnership will create unprecedented opportunities in the area of security," said John J. McCann, president and CEO of Mace Security International.

What’s new in WordPress 3.8

 A new released of WordPress 3.8 in December focused on improving the user interface for WordPress admin with a lot of visual improvements. Here we will show you what’s new in WordPress 3.8 and how you can try some of these features right away.

There are already plenty of proposed features for WordPress 3.8 available for testing and development purposes as plugins. However, since most of them are highly experimental, it is not
recommended to use them on a production site.

Turn your mobile into a 3D camera

An app named Seene let the user to use an iPhone into a 3D camera and lets users view images simply by moving their phone or mouse.
A sample image captured via Seene

Application is created by London base firm Obvious Engineering.