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If you have a gadget you rely heavily on that requires AA batteries, you might invest in this battery charger. It’s always nice to have a battery charger at home, but if you’re outside of the house when your gadget dies, that won’t help you. Usually that leaves you stuck buying new batteries, well instead of doing that you can charge up your batteries within your car.


Most of us have had the joy of dealing with a dead battery in our car and somehow it always seems to happen under the worst of conditions. You know the ones, dark and either snowing or raining. It being dark is definitely a requirement though. Well with these jumper cables you won’t have quite so much difficulty managing to charge your battery in the dark. These cables might look a touch alien, but they’ll still do the trick.

halycon-concept_pezqg_5965Picture the first cars that were ever assembled, such as the Model T and what not. They look very different than the cars than the cars of today, right? I suppose that automobile design has a certain (for lack of a better word) evolution to it.

So let’s hit the fast forward button to see what the shape of cars will be in the future. I’m not certain what you were thinking, but I never would have come up with this. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that designer Ralph Tayler-Webb’s Halcyon car is ugly, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t have gone with such an indescribable, almost amorphous, shape.

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