iPad-3 Retina Display

As the rumored release date for Apple's next-generationiPad nears, clues as to what the iPad 3 will look like keep flowing from a variety of sources. A new rumor involves images found in iBooks 2, Apple's latest iOS app, which hint at a 2X display, giving more weight to the rumors that a Retina Display will be included on the iPad this spring.
9to5Mac has uncovered some of the images lurking in the code of Apple's latest software updates. The first screen capture shows the files in the file structure. As you can see, the files have "2x.png" in the name, which many believe signals that a display with double the resolution is coming out soon.
(Credit: 9to5Mac)

From iTunes U, Apple's online university materials accessible via iTunes, you can see the difference in the regular-size images and the 2X versions:
(Credit: 9to5Mac)
The image from iBooks 2 shows the bookmark image in both the normal size and the 2X size:
(Credit: 9to5Mac)
Is this evidence enough for you to believe the iPad 3 is going to include a Retina Display? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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