Turn your mobile into a 3D camera

An app named Seene let the user to use an iPhone into a 3D camera and lets users view images simply by moving their phone or mouse.
A sample image captured via Seene

Application is created by London base firm Obvious Engineering.

How it works
It takes a series of pictures and maps them onto to the model to give the effect of 3D.
Once created, the images can either be viewed on a phone or a PC, where moving the mouse causes them to change perspective.
When a Seene is created, a series of dots appear on the images, showing the perspective points the app can see to build its 3D model - the more there are, the better.
It then asks a user to take a series of photos of the subject by moving the phone around.

These images are then mapped onto the model, creating the seene.
When a user moves their phone, it appears that they look around the object.
The vision startup, based in London, aims 'to help smart devices to better connect with and understand the world that they see,' which is free from the App Store.
Take a series of photos using the app to make a person in a photo look 3D
Download | Seene , Offical Site

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